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Our company was founded in 2014 by Faruk Fatih CEBI. Our company, which started its activities in the forest products sector, continues its commercial activities under the title of AGIST AGAC GELISTIRME VE TIC.LTD STI. The company gives service to its customers with Agist Agac Gelistirme ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. AGT ve CEBIGLOBAL brands in partnership with the forest products and accessories sector at Ikitelli Keresteciler Industry site with its warehouse and solution center. Our company aims at quality in service and priority customer satisfaction and renews itself with its employees, will follow the needs of the sector in which it is aiming to reach new horizons by preserving the line that takes care to convey current information to its customers.
Cyabond is a leading provider of adhesive chemistry solutions for the global manufacturing marketplace. Cyabond's multi-disciplined team of application engineers, product development specialists, and chemists realize that your product design solution is unique; and therefore your adhesive solution must be as well. Cyabond's applications engineering team will help you take your product concepts from paper to production with a focus on reducing your finished part costs, increasing your production efficiency, and improving your product's end-use performance.
ERHUN A.S., going into action under the umbrella of SALONI in 2006, gained its fully independent organization in the scope of 2012 investment plans and established a legal corporation under the name of ERHUN METAL MOBILYA VE AKSESUARLARI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. After moving to a 6 thousand squaremeter new factory site in Inegol Organized Industrial Site, our company went on its present production in a wider area with modern techniques, and made investments in the amount of 1 million Euro in 2012. As Erhunlar A.S., we aim to be a professional business partner in furniture subordinate industry with the forecast of 5 million Euro additional investment in the next five years. We are proud of sharing our patented mechanism systems we designed and produced with big producers (Bellona, Dogtas, Istikbal, Saloni, NDesign, Vanessa, Rendi, Yatas...) ERHUN A.S. has started out to meet the requirement of the industry for renewal, change and design and to be a solution partner of the producers with its outstanding conceptual skills. Being the leading company of rational design for sofa and lounge suites, the mechanisms produced by ERHUN A.S. has passed the tests performed in Germany and entitled to obtain certificated approved by TUV. ERHUN A.S is now expanding its successful activity area. To develop bed and comfort mechanisms for sofas and lounge suites was the main target in 2012; then, the aim has become to develop cabinet slide systems for furnitures and table extension mechanisms. Besides being the mere manufacturer, ERHUN A.S. has the mission to provide Research & Develop support to the cooperating companies. While mechanism solutions are generated with the feature of high quality as well as durable, long-lasting, rational design, it is the philosophy of ERGUN A.S. to provide Research and Development support with modern and strong cooperation.
INTRODUCTION Starting its journey by producing furniture handles in 1996, Erkul has been constantly renovating and modernizing its machine park, thus expanding the product line by adding door handles. Erkul has been combining its design, technical knowledge and organizational capabilities with growth and development. Now carrying out its productive activities in own Factory building, located in Gebze/Kocaeli. With its machines, equipments and professional staff Erkul invests in people, believes in the power of the teamwork. Being bounded to the principles of honesty and reliability, Erkul has always fulfilled its commitments. Maximazing the satisfaction of its customers, staff and suppliers, Erkul has been producing in high quality standards. In this direction, Erkul prefers continuity and reliability. Being an environmentally conscious institution is the the primary objective of ERKUL. OUR VISION To be able to develop reliable and high quality products with technological investments and world class manufacturing. Also, providing the ultimate customer satisfaction, to be in the leader position in regional and world markets, and to be a competitive, ever-growing company. OUR MISSION Prioritizing the satisfaction and the trust of all our customers and partners, to be able to use our sources efficiently; providing high quality products and service, and to be able to hand down a great company at all points, for the next generations. PRODUCTION Our products are selected and purchased from design firms, and after we receive the approval from TPI (Turkish Patent Institute), we take the moulds of these products in our factory. When our raw material is ready as an ingot, it is melted in our casting machine automatically, then it is being injected into moulds. After the half-finished products are processed for surface-treatment in polishing department, they are routed to coating department of our factory. When the coating processes is completed, the products are sent to quality control then packing. Finally, these packaged products are stocked up on the steel shelfs, and they are despached to the customers from there. ALUMINIUM HANDLES design in elegance and high quality Keeping elegance and high quality together, aluminium handles add mildness and pureness to your furniture. ZAMAK HANDLES the aesthtecical reflection of minimal designs With their pureness and different colour alternatives, these handles add aesthetical chicness to your furniture. HOOKS carries all your stuff carefully With their several designs, they welcome you carrying all the stuff at different spots of your house. ACCESSORIES important details that blends into your house While the little details blend in with your furniture and add chicness to your house, they eliminate the deficiencies at the same time. DOOR HANDLES make you feel the elegance While the aluminium and zamak options make you feel the high quality in your house, you are going to feel the appreciation of having these totally chic door handles.
We are manufacture and supply; wholesale timber, wholesale timbers, timber footing, timber footings, lumber, lumbers, octopus footed wood, octopus footed woods, fiskos feet, fiskos feets, wood frame, cafe table wood design Company started its operations in 1955, with the leadership of grandfather who bought old wooden buildings and manufacture semi finished timbers, lumbers from them and offer them to market. Starting in 100m2 area, company's business life now continue on 2000m2 manufacturing area, 1000m2 warehouse and 1200m2 stores.
Turkey has been improving its’’ made in Turkey ‘’ image in many of the industries. Turkey as well dominates a big percentage of the bedding market by providing product quality, durability, after sales services and pricing. In 2011 ALLBEMAC was founded by Selcuk VARLI As a small local company. With the extensive commitment of the owner and workers together combined with the trust by the customers converted ALLBEMAC from a small company producing manual tape edge machine into a modern company and one of the leading providers of mattress machinery for the mattress industry with a worldwide reputation for technical qualities that meets all of the mattress machine requirements
Our company was founded in Bursa in 1978 by Erkan TEOMAN to produce spare parts for automotive and motorcycle sectors. Until 1994 title of our company has been updated as ALBATUR Joint Stock Company and first step was taken to the corporate structure. In 2002 with ALBATUR brand, Our company has started to produce sliding systems for furniture sector, our company has developed in this branch with innovative and proactive products, added value to the sector has succeeded in a short time. Before sales activities for our company , it is important that the products we produce are easy to installation, functional for our customers, long-lasting and benefit beyond the need. Our factory has 11000 square meter closed area in Bursa Cali Industrial Zone and all the products produced in our modern facilities integrated facility ; Starting from design, Mold Productions, arc forming eccentric and hydraulic Pres lines, plastic injection line, metal processing CNC machine tools, electostatic furnace paint line, wet paint line, with its aluminum machining centers, product assembly automation, every stage of production takes place in the rigorous quality in control of our engineers. ALBATUR proprietary branded products in over 150, as well as over 250 exclusive sales points in Turkey, are exported to 66 countries in the increasing number of overseas every day. Our journey, which started 40 years ago, continues today with new products and solutions that add value to life. We wish to meet you in nice times and we offer our respects Albatur Industrial Family
Zonca Our company exports to foreign market in various sectors on Foreign Trade. Our main product group is Furniture Accessories (Equipments), with 25 years of export experience, it performs all sector-based work in line with its customers' demands and needs, and supplies foreign trade export services to its customers. Our company is comparing the prices of at least 3 manufacturers based on the research and in this direction, the product quality is also compared and presented to its customers. In order to provide the best service, while serving its customers with 25 years of experience, it acts with the awareness that it is buying the product itself. Hereby, we would be honored to cooperate with our valued customer candidates.